Performance der Wahrnehmung

Performance of Perception

A dance performance and research

about human perception and interactive sound

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Performance and Research

This work is part of a research about human perception that analyzes how the perception of movement is influenced by interactive technology and how it can be shown with dance.

The concept of the project has been developed by Marcello Lussana as part of a bigger project called Affording Difference by Palindrome and Metabody

Two dancers are part of this project: Martina Nitz, a performer in wheelchair and Rebekka Böhme. Robert Wechlser took care of the choreography of the piece. Marcello Lussana and Oscar Palou developed and composed the interactive music.

During the rehearsal we tried out different kind of technologies in order to find a way to “dance” and “perform” perception and give value to the difference that we feel when we use technology. This difference has to be considered not just from the point of view of the performer but also from the audience (how can we transmit this feeling, this perception?) and from the different possible bodies of the performers (for this reason the involvement of Martina).

The rehearsals have been very important for the research as we developed a routine of self observation: this started with the warming up (without technology) and it followed during the actual rehearsal and creation of the piece.

The work has been funded by the Arbeits- und Recherchestipendien 2015 Darstellende Kunst program of the Berliner Senat.


The performance was premiered in Spektrum, Berlin, on the 3rd of March 2016.

On the 5th of May we will perform at the re:publica festival in Berlin. More info soon.

Future shows will be communicated in this section or feel free to write to us if you wanna stay updated!

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